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Welcome to my website! My name is Jason, and I'm a game developer with a passion for strategy games that run on PCs. I mean, they've tried to port strategy games on consoles several times, and it's never work out well. So, let's keep all those great strategy games where they really belong, on personal computers.

I like to create projects using Unity 3D and the Unreal engine. I am mostly into programming; C# and C++ are my favorite languages, but I have also built  several multimedia projects using Visual Basic. Back in the day, VB was too slow to be used for games, but nowadays the compilers are much better and the hardware is SO much faster!

I'm not an artist, but I've got the needed tools and know-how to create placeholder graphics ;). I also like to create music and sound effects using my funny looking synthesizer, but (truth be told) I'm only a beginner. I'd post some of my samples here, but (like most programmers) I am a shy guy.

Nevertheless, I like to teach people how to create successful games. Here are a few links that lead to some of my articles.

About 42% of the game developers have an university degree, while 14% of them have a college degree. About 50% of them create action games, with the second place being taken by action adventures (about 29%).
Source: IGDA
The gaming industry is a $65 billion business in the US. This correlates with the fact that about 50% of the game development studios in the entire world are located in America.
Source: Data Alliance
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